Friday, December 21, 2007

Christ-mas Time

This is a poem to ask everyone to remember Jesus Christ in their holiday season.

Christmas a time of excitement
A time with presents and Santa Claus
A happening of great joy for some,
And pain for others.
One day that is like no other

A day where it really feels like Peace on Earth
Where it seems that everything is perfect
A time when memories are forged
Even a restless sleep the night before
Every one is Happy
Everyone is remembered.. Aren't they?

All it seems, is not what is
We put aside why we are celebrating this holiday
It is Christmas
The Birth of our Savior, The LORD Jesus Christ
We often forget because we don't call it what it really is..
It is CHRIST-mas, Not CHRIS-mas

A time of Peace when all people in our Free world celebrate the birth of our.
LORD Jesus Christ
The only time when all will acknowledge the birth of our.
LORD Jesus Christ
We give because we Love, Not through obligation, but for our.
LORD Jesus Christ

I will give my LORD the respect that He deserves.
I will not call it Christmas any more
I will call it CHRIST-MAS from now on.

May you and your loved ones have a Merry Christ-mas
May time in and time come, may you call it Christ-mas too.
After all isn't our LORD Jesus Christ worth it!

(C) November 2000 Christopher Martin

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