Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Message of Love

I hope we could consider thinking about the thoughts in these stories that I have been posting in here, buying gifts and wrapping them sure is a hustle today, but I hope we do not forget what Christmas is for. We should be grateful that our loved ones are still here this Christmas.

There are a lot of people out there who cries every Christmas because no matter what they do, no matter how rich or powerful they are, they just can't celebrate Christmas with their loved ones anymore. Loved them while they are still here. And thank God for another wonderful year that He has given us. Thank Him because no matter how painful and hard this year has been for everyone, He is still there to help us every step of the way. Let us thank Him because He was born in a manger to be a Savior for all of us.

The reason why we are celebrating Christmas these season is for love, friendship and relationships to be of strong hold. Where there are conflicts be forgiven, where there are strife be resolved, where there are lost moments be made up, where there are broken be made whole again, where there are dead relations be rekindled.

God is love, He is grace, He is hope. And so this Christmas may we, as families, as friends, as lovers, as comrades, experience His compassion and His endless love for everyone. If we happen to have felt it already, isn't it fair enough to share to everybody? Share God's love this Christmas in your own simple way!

Merry Christmas every one and may God give us a blessed year ahead!

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