Monday, January 21, 2008

Narcotics Anonymous is my Drug of Choice

No drug ever made me higher
Than a meeting of addicts in recovery
No friends ever set me on fire
Like the friends who unconditionally love me

In recovery I have learned to be grateful
To let go of the defect of fear
To share about what I did that was hateful
To share love that could bring a tear.

My life is rich with people I love
People who will love and never hurt me
For this I am deeply grateful to God above
Who I know will never desert me.

Written by Barbara West

This is a simple poem written by a drug abuser in recovery. She wrote this poem as part of her therapy. She said in the poem that nothing can make you happier when you’ve got people around you who cares and loves you everyday. And people who prays for the best of things to come your way. Most of all there is God Almighty who is always willing to envelope you with His love everlasting and to care for you and to love you more than anyone had cared and loved you before. All you have to do is to call His name and ask forgiveness for not coming to Him early on. He is always willing to welcome you back to His fold.

There are also people out there, who truly care for people like you, you can call them now. Just call 1-800-NO-DRUGS (800-663-7847), and talk to the most experienced drug rehabilitation counselors. They know drug abuse treatment, alcohol abuse rehabilitation and most of all drug abuse rehabilitation. Call them and they will help you by giving you advice, counsel and guide on the appropriate rehabilitation center for you.

If you have a loved one that in the same fate, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-NO-DRUGS (800-663-7847). You will prove your love to them by doing so. And someday they will thank you for what you have done for them. Remember, nobody asked for these things to happen in our lives, but in such situations there is always a solution. CALL NOW!

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