Friday, February 15, 2008

A Prayer From the Heart

Hello to all my readers out there! Thank you for constantly anticipating my posts here, some of the stories I put here are posted also in the internet, that's why you might as well have already read them. I only post stories that gave meaning and inspiration to me. The main reason why I posted them is for me to share these inspirations to you.

But the story here that I'll be posting from time to time will be a part of my journey as a minster of Christ. Sound corny isn't it? Well, I am a full time ministry worker of Jesus Christ now. And I also want to share this journey with you.

Last week on our Prayer Meeting (Thursday 02/07/2008). We normally have three sessions of prayer. The first one is when you will find a partner and you will be sharing to him any of your prayer requests, he will do the same to you. And as you pray, you will not be praying for your prayers, but your partner's. And for the whole week ahead, he will be your prayer partner. And you will be praying for him that whole week.

That week I chose to partner with Rheyvin, a Baptist Boy of our congregation. He is 5 years old with an amazing matured character. He constantly encourages our older members including me by his actions and his thoughts. He regarded his kuyas and ates as his teachers. But he did not realizes that he is the one who inspires more people than us. Because in his young age, he knows how to share God's word already. He sings"Eh syempre, mahal ko kayo eh!" for God, even he has his own tune. And he led his family to go to church. He was the first one to be invited in the church by our workers. The next week, he already have his parents with him. The next week, his parents got baptized and they are now working hand in hand in the ministry.

Before we prayed we normally ask our partner his prayer request. And this was our conversation that night:

Me: "Ano ang prayer request mo?" (What is your prayer request?)
Rheyvin: "Pamilya ko, pag-aaral ko, at kayo mga teachers ko." (My family, my studies, and you, my teachers.)
Me: "Huh? bakit naman pati kami?" (Huh? Why include us?)
Rheyvin: "Eh syempre, mahal ko kayo eh!" (Of course, because I love you all!)

I was stunned by his simple words. As a kid, this may sound hilarious but to me it was a very touching word. A kid that looks up to other people and regarded them as his teachers, have the time to pray for these people, because he loved them.

How many times a day do you pray for your family or friends? Or in that matter, how many times a week do you pray for someone special. May this kid be an example that even in small ways, we must inspire other people. May God bless this kid's sincere heart.


  1. HI! thanks for dropping by my blog..i appreciate it very much!ok naman ako..medyo pagod lang kaya di maka pag blog..anyway, happy blogging! continue with the inspiring stories ok !!

  2. hi thanks for visiting my blog...hope to see you around again...

  3. Hi Dong Teban,salamat sa pag agi sa akong balay ha, mao gyud kanindot sa imong share karon very touching gyud, lalim ka 5yrs old, that was really inspiring.anyway happy week-end and tc always.

  4. i remember when we were kids, in our prayers for the food, we thank God even for the spoon and fork. but we're very serious with our prayers.

    sometimes, we listen to others pray with high sounding words and hallelujahs, but medyo kulang and shallow. It's unlike the prayer of a young child.

    keep those inspirations posted, bro. teban.


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