Monday, April 14, 2008

Summer Balikatan 2008

Hello friends!

I was sick for a couple of days. I do not know what it's called in English but in Filipino it's called, "Sinikmura". I ate a lot of watermelon thursday night and then started vomiting it ALL out (excuse me) at dawn. I even had LBM that time, so out to my mouth and out to my behind. Whoah! Thank God it's all over now!

Tomorrow we will attend a Summer Balikatan at Taguig, Metro Manila. To be held at the Christian Bible Baptist Church led by Dr. Gil Laurena. It is a month long summer camp normally for young people but adults can also attend and it is also open to all walks of life, whether you're a Baptist or not. We only paid 1000Php each person and that is a great gain to us. It's cheap but the benefit is better than any other camp that we've been to. We already joined this camp last year and everything that we've learned there is still effective as we speak. New batch of young people will go there tomorrow, and we are expecting for change in behavior, lesson learned and most of all new volunteer workers for Christ. Some of them are really 'pasaway' (stubborn) kids. So by God's grace, let them face the best training they could get.

We are all very excited now, and looking forward to the result after one month.

May God's blessing and providence shine upon this young people! =)

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