Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lift Him Up - KBC 20th Anniversary

This was the most blessed day in the history of our church (Katapatan Baptist Church). Because we celebrated our 20th year anniversary and by the grace of God, the programs were a success.

It was planned that there would be three two-hour-programs for the day, the areas in cabuyao covered by our soul winning campaign is divided into three groups and assigned to these timeslots. The programs are the same except (of course) for the preaching message.

The whole church prayed (on bended knees) for 300 attendance in every programs total of 900 attendance for May 1. But God gave us what we least expected. Couple of hours ago, the church staff had a meeting presided by our pastor (Pastor Ed Borja) to review and evaluate the whole day. When the attendance results were out, (drum roll please), we had 1,165 attendance all in all with a total of 897 first time visitors!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! We prayed for 900 attendance but God gave us 897 first time visitors.

This year, truly was a great year for the church, there are new blessing everyday. All activities went well, because of the grace of God, and more and more people are giving their life for the Fulltime Christian Service. Tomorrow will be the continuation of our celebration but now, it's a program for members (only) of Katapatan Baptist Church. And we meant to celebrate the triumph of God on this day.

The day is finally over but the blessings that God showed us is of no depth, breadth, or length that our minds can measure. One thing we are sure we must do everyday. Let us always lift Him up.

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