Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In the natural; according to the world, a soldier is a person appointed to hold position on the battlefield. Taught and trained to perform both life and death. In the spiritual realm, a soldier is a spiritual warrior is a person who must hold position, while awaiting further direction. A person of character, who must maintain an attitude of win at all costs. Understanding that this person is going to encounter the enemy head on. Yet a soldier is able to perceive the actions of the enemy and plan ahead through prayer and supplication. To persevere even when the ground turns into mud and the steps one takes seem to lead to no where.

The soldier must march on, step by step, knowing that the enemy has a snare, a net, and a trap set for them, knowing that the enemies job is to kill him, steal all that he is, and to destroy him. The soldier is a chosen person, one who is able to stand and having done all to stand. There is nothing else for the soldier to do until the next change to charge is commanded. He must be able to suffer unwanted and undeserved pain, pain that will cause him to fall sometimes, yet the soldier knows that if he doesn't get up and keep fighting, its all over.

The soldier also must persevere when he is constantly being challenged by obstacles, the soldier must be able to observe, estimate and eliminate all avenues of escape before continuing on the march to home base. They must run, duck, ram, nudge, and fight their way through the attacks of the enemy, without hesitation. The soldier is armed with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, thus making him able to accomplish all that has been set before him.

The soldier is to complete the mission, encounter and overcome all obstacles and distractions, while keeping focus on the goal, total and complete annihilation of the devices of the enemy. With each objective completed, raises the soldier to another level of battle, with greater challenges and new unknown territories that he must traverse, in order to get to the new level of conflict, thus increasing his strength and perseverance.

The soldier knows that the aim has been reached when he arrives and receives word that the enemy has been obliterated. This is the life of a soldier in the Army of THE LORD, for GOD he will live and for GOD will he die.

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