Friday, December 10, 2010

God tests before He invests

Last Thursday, December 09 2010, I attended a seminar on how to tamper God's blessings through giving. And I mean material and financial blessings, not just spiritual growth. I came across this story on one of our materials. And I just can't fight the urge to share it with you guys.

A widow found pardon and peace in the Savior in her sixty-ninth year. Naturally, of a thankful and happy temperament, her gratitude and love now overflowed. She was often seen dropping a gift in the Church-door box, though her income was only a few pesos a week. An accident in her seventy-second year prevented her ever coming to church again.
When a little boy was seen dropping something into the box, he was asked what it was. He would said that it was the widow's offering. He was then told to return it and to say that her good intentions were highly prized, and the church would not let her reduce her earnings by such gift, especially as she could no longer come out to worship.

When the widow heard this, she said, "Why did you let other people see you dropping my gift? Please go back and drop it when nobody's looking." Then weeping she said, "What? Am I not to be allowed to help in God's work anymore because I can't go out? Do they want me to not love God anymore?"

This story hit me. I know that I have many things to give and give back to God but I am so stingy and unfaithful in doing so. I hope this story will be a blessing to all of you. It was for me.

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