Sunday, January 30, 2011


by: Stephen Buslon

if i may have some freedom to express
whatever thought i have
i'd rather tell the wonderful things
that happened in a while

though how wonderful they'd be
worst thoughts still come out of me
so please let me borrow the stage
and allow me to narrate them here

i've been tryin to forget
been tryin to move on
been tryin to convince myself
that all was well, all was good
all was according to plan
but somehow they shattered
and all was wasted, now its back to one

i've been having this for quite a while
an old familiar feeling
yet as far as i can remember
there was no one who felt the same
with the search that i started
i thought i have already found
the person who would share this feeling
and with my heart entwine

so now i'm back with my search
for that particular person
who would be able to appreciate
and lend a helping hand
and if it would not be so much to ask
that Heaven would allow
that particular person would read this
and start to seek me out


  1. This was good. You might want to polish some of the lines 'coz some were a bit repetetive, but the message was there. I can only detect mild sadness if that's what you're going for but if you want people to be moved you need to put more emotion to it. ^_^ hope this helps.

  2. thanks for the comment, happy to get a 'good' rating though.. haven't wrote something in a while.. by the way, you'll find some of my other works here in this blog of mine.... thanks for the comment! =)


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