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A Look Back

First Bit the BEES (Best Electronics Engineering Students) 2006 Quiz Show
Regional Elimination Round
Southern Luzon Polytechnic College (SLPC)
Lucban, Quezon

Thursday, 17th of August 2006, a team of six (6) Electronics Engineering students and an instructor of University of Perpetual Help System Laguna went to SLPC in Lucban, Quezon to participate in the First Bit the BEES Quiz Show.
This Quiz Show will serve as elimination round for the CALABARZON Region that encompasses the municipality of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Quezon (Rizal however was included in the Extended Metro Manila Region).

The team was led by ever supportive Engr Katrina Acapulco with her students namely: Edilberto Ravilas Jr., a junior; Aaron Arellano and Joel Redemierre Desuasido, seniors; and Bernardo Almira, Bonnifer Pabalan, and Wilson Santos; graduating students. They were accompanied by the Member of the Board of Directors (IECEP – CALABARZON Student Chapter) Joseph Moreno along with QUIESCENT Society President Rey Stephen Buslon and QUIESCENT Society Vice-President External Donabell Magnaye.

They arrived at 9 in the morning at the venue after travelling three (3) hours from Biñan to Quezon with, more or less, insufficient confidence because they only had about two days to review. But Engr Acapulco has no doubts about it and kept the spirits up for these brave students. They are going to battle out with seventeen (17) other teams from different universities and colleges in the region."Hindi ibig sabihin na ganito sagot ng higher year, yun na ang tama,” says Engr Acapulco to the team."

Before the program started, they were given time to continue reading their review materials and most importantly, it gave Engr Acapulco the chance to strategize. According to her, the team has to take lead in the first round.

The mechanics were read and the prices for the said competition were stated. There will be seven (7) questions in every round from the database of twenty one (21) questions, seven (7) each from the three subjects Mathematics, Electronics, and Communications.

In the easy round; Santos, Desuasido, and Arellano was up. Three (3) mathematics, two (2) electronics, and two (2) communications questions were asked and in those questions the team found it no burden in answering it. Well, they also had wrong answers and thankfully whenever they did, the other teams were also wrong. The team garnered 30 points, was in fourth place after the round and was tied with several teams but that doesn’t intimidate the team in anyway.

The program coordinators decided to continue the battle after lunch. This gave way for the team to recharge and re-strategize the next round. “We need to keep up and have confidence in our answers, if anyone of you has a different answer, take your time and talk it out. Hindi ibig sabihin na ganito sagot ng higher year, yun na ang tama,” says Engr Acapulco to the team.

Second round was on; the average round supposively consisting of three (3) electronics, two (2) mathematics, and (2) communications questions were changed to two (2) electronics, three (3) mathematics, and two (2) communications questions due to an incident that several teams were responsible with, before the first round is called to an end, while the quiz master reads out the score, the said teams accidentally saw the answer for the next question. The judges withheld the said question and thus had been replaced.

Almira, Pabalan and Ravilas were on the stand in that round. After the round, the team earned 25 points, to a grand total of 55 points. This time the team were in the third place and some of the teams that tied with the team on the first round were left behind.

Before the third round begun, Engr Acapulco set her men for the hardest part of the battle. She sent Santos, Almira and Desuasido in the field. “This time is crucial. Let's maintain our spot in the top three,” says Engr Acapulco to the team.

Excitement filled the venue, as teams took their seats and questions were prepared for the final round. The round consisted of three (3) electronics, two (2) mathematics, and two (2) communications questions. And in these questions, the team answered five (5) out of seven (7); the other two were really hard ones."We may not have brought home the Champion trophy, but in our hearts, that day - WE WON!"

After that round the team grossed in another 30 points summing the team’s score to 85 points. The team was tied in the third place with De La Salle University Dasmariñas, thus a clincher round was conducted to break the tie. The team was excited and tensed at the moment and would not even blink so as not to miss any part of this once-in-a-lifetime moment. When the question was raised, it was mathematics, Both of the teams were confident because they were both best in mathematics. After the buzzer sounded for the team to raise their answers, the other team even stood up and gave us a chill that they might be correct and since the team is confident in their answer too, this might give way to another clincher question. As the quiz master spoke, “Ok, the University of Perpetual Help System – Biñan . . . . . . . . ,“ the team waited patiently for the next words and feared that he might say “is wrong” but instead, “ . . . . . . . won the third place for the Bit the BEES Quiz Show 2006.” At the instant the quiz master said the word “won”, the team was already up on their seats leaping for joy and excitement.

The battle was well fought, by the best men the Electronics Engineering Department ever had at that time being. This clearly shows that through cooperation, camaraderie, and good strategy the challenges were bested and goals were attained. We may not have brought home the Champion trophy, but in our hearts, that day - WE WON!!!

In the above blessings that we have received, all glory and praise to our Almighty God and Saviour!

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